UtaNeRe is a group of semi-private/private UTAUs. The voicebanks created under this name is kept under private use of the group, its users and to a few select individuals by decision of the creator of each voicebank. Privacy of voicebanks are based on the reasons of each creator/owner.

Currently, the group is comprised of three users, with 23 UTAU names under the group in total. The UTAUs included in the group are still expanding with new voice providers and probably more users. The group is open to other users with their private UTAUs.

Covers made by UtaNeRe UTAUloids: soundCloud

Main BlogUtaNeRe Official Blog

The Members and their UTAUloids

hyperhurricane (YouTube SoundCloud)

Project AI 
  • Meine Rikka
  • Tsukami Kyo
  • RURI
  • KIKUREI (Kiku, Rei)
  • AI Alpha (alias "ALPHA")
  • Amaru Dan

Loui (YouTube SoundCloud)

Hanyoshiki Unit (Main)
Tsukimiyo Unit
  • Yuuki Yumi
  • Kurashi Kuro (vp'd by Loui's brother)
  • Nanba Kaori (vp'd by Anonymous1)
  • Katazura Yousuke (vp'd by Anonymous1)
  • Aoyagi Hanata
  • Kiryu Aki
  • Satoshi Kirin (vp'd by Anonymous2)
Beikokushi Unit
  • Eliza Prince
  • Rina Donna

Nikiten (SoundCloud)

Voicebank Information

hyperhurricane's Voicebanks
UTAU Model VB Type Language Encoding/Alias Status
Meine Rikka AI-V1 ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Semi-private
Tsukami Kyo AI-V2 ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Private
RURI AI-V3 ACT1 (CV) JP, EN*, FIL* Romaji/Hiragana Private
RURI act2 AI-V3 ACT2 (CV) JP, EN*, FIL* Romaji/Hiragana Private
RURI screech AI-V3 upGRADE (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Private
RURI hum AI-V3 upGRADE (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Private
KIKUREI (Mod 'Kiku') AI-V4 ACT1.4 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Configuring
KIKUREI (Mod 'Rei') AI-V4 ACT1.4 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Configuring
AI Alpha (ALPHA) AI-V0 ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Private
Amaru Dan AI-00 ACT1 Beta (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Private
Loui's Voicebanks
UTAU Model VB Type Language Encoding/Alias Status
Kurashi Key HY_01 ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Private
Kurashi Key "Soar" HY_01 Append (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Configuring
Terry Theron HY_02 ACT1.2 (CV) JP, EN Romaji/Hiragana Configuring
Tatsu Shouri HY_03 ACT1.3 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Recording
Yuuki Yumi TM_01 ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Recording
Kurashi Kuro TM_02 ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Recording
Nanba Kaori TM_03 ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Configuring
Katazura Yousuke TM_04 ACT 1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Configuring
Aoyagi Hanata TM_05 ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Configuring
Kiryu Aki TM_06 ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Configuring
Satoshi Kirin TM_07 ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Configuring
Eliza Prince BK_01 ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Configuring
Rina Donna BK_02 ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Configuring
XEIEN BK_03 ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Configuring

Nikiten's Voicebanks

UTAU Model VB Type Language Encoding/Alias Status
Cerise Honeydew -- ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Private
Cerise Honeydew 1.2 -- ACT1.2 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Unavailable
Cerise Honeydew TIRED -- Append (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Private
Satoko Kanna -- ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Configuring
Benjamin Sonette -- ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana Configuring
JILL -- ACT1 (CV) JP Romaji/Hiragana --

Development Status

Meine Rikka

  • [06/14/12] ACT1: VB RELEASE (UtaNeRe)
  • [—/—/—] ...

Tsukami Kyo

  • [10/21/12] ACT1: VB RELEASE (UtaNeRe)
  • [—/—/—] ...


  • [10/31/12] ACT1: VB RELEASE (UtaNeRe)
  • [05/13/13] ACT2: VB RELEASE (UtaNeRe)
  • [05/13/13] upGRADE/screech: VB RELEASE (UtaNeRe)
  • [05/13/13] upGRADE/hum: VB RELEASE (UtaNeRe)
  • [—/—/—] ...


  • [—/—/—] Mod KIKU ACT1.4: Configuring Voicebank…
  • [—/—/—] Mod REI ACT1.4: Configuring Voicebank…

AI Alpha / ALPHA

  • [05/13/14] ACT1: VB RELEASE (UtaNeRe)

Amaru Dan

  • [??/??/??] ACT1Beta (Incomplete): RELEASE (UtaNeRe)
  • [—/—/—] ACT2: Recording Voicebank...

Kurashi Key 

  • [10/24/12] ACT1: VB RELEASE (UtaNeRe)
  • [—/—/—] Append/"Soar": Configuring Voicebank...

Terry Theron

  • [—/—/—] ACT1.2: Configuring Voicebank...

Tatsu Shouri

  • [—/—/—] ACT 1.3: Recording Voicebank... 

Yuuki Yumi

  • [—/—/—] ACT1: Recording Voicebank...

Kurashi Kuro

  • [—/—/—] ACT1.2: Recording Voicebank...

Nanba Kaori

  • [—/—/—] ACT1: Configuring Voicebank...

Katazura Yousuke

  • [—/—/—] ACT1: Configuring Voicebank...

Aoyagi Hanata

  • [—/—/—] ACT1: Configuring Voicebank...

Kiryu Aki

  • [—/—/—] ACT1: Configuring Voicebank...

Satoshi Kirin

  • [—/—/—] ACT1: Configuring Voicebank...

Eliza Prince

  • [—/—/—] ACT1: Configuring Voicebank...

Rina Donna

  • [—/—/—] ACT1: Configuring Voicebank...


  • [—/—/—] ACT1: Configuring Voicebank...

Cerise Honeydew

  • [10/23/12] ACT1: VB RELEASE (UtaNeRe)
  • [??/??/??] APPEND/TIRED: VB RELEASE (UtaNeRe)
  • [—/—/—] ...

Satoko Kanna

  • [—/—/—] ACT1: Configuring Voicebank...

Benjamin Sonette

  • [—/—/—] ACT1: Configuring Voicebank...


  • Do not edit this page unless you are a part of the group.
  • Do not modify this page without permission.
  • This page is monitored (and updated) by hyperhurricane as well as the other members. 
  • You can tell us if you want the voicebanks, although we're pretty picky about it.
  • You can also ask to join the group. Simply contact the members by redirecting yourself to an UTAU page where some contact details may be found.
 Information subject to change without prior notice. 

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