Uta Yureine
goes by Uta. if name is translated via google translate it says it means 'Song of the ghost'. however, sometimes, it is translated as 'yuri sound', which is a big mood

GENDER: female VOICE RANGE: depends on which bank

you're using


Embie: mother figure, best friend

Kimine Kiichigo: old friend, idol

Kimiko: friend

AGE: 14 when first released, now about

16 to 18

GENRE: any HOMEPAGE: ((will add later))
WEIGHT: a secret VOICE SOURCE: twibs/ onnovai REFERENCE: [link]
HEIGHT: six feet tall or 1.80 metres LIKES: mundane household tasks, singing, cooking MEDIA LIST: [link]
RELEASE DATE: around 2012/2013 DISLIKES: bullies, mayonnaise SIGNATURE SONG: any kikuo-p song

PERSONALITY: she's had a rough past, and is still learning to love herself. she's cheeky, sarcastic and quick-witted, but very awkward in social situations. she's quick to idolize fellow singers.

Uta m

Short History

Uta is a lifelike android created to resemble a sixteen year old fictional 'school idol'. the company that created her broadcasted her life almost 24/7. If she didn't act 'cute enough' or not according to script, she'd get punished. One day, she tried to escape the facility. She was caught, and as a punishment, the producers of the program removed one of her eyes. She's capable of feeling pain, so it was one of the most hurtful things imaginable. After this she escaped succesfully, the producers no longer caring for her since she was no longer pristine (having had her eye removed).


Uta has three current voicebanks. her act 1 only had around 1/3 of the needed samples, and was a very low quality. it was only released to two people, and not even the creator herself still has this bank. her append whisper or 'gentleman' has been released publically in the past, but is now private. contact twibs or onnovai on deviantart if you want it.

her act 2 is done! I'm not sure if I want to publically release it yet-- send me a note on deviantart (Onnovai) and I'll probably give it to you!

Usage Clause

You don't need to ask before using this voicebank. However, if the song you are planning on covering is unsafe for work or has political themes, please ask beforehand. Please don't make hentai or any other weird/nsfw stuff of this utau.