Uta yureine

JAPANESE: 歌幽霊ね   her name literally means 'song of the killed ghosts'

MODEL: Neko (she officialy does not have one but idk)

see related characters below

AGE 14 GENRE all HOMEPAGE nekoloid3 
WEIGHT 65 kilos CHARACTER ITEM laptop, plush cat CREATOR moizzzprodutions
HEIGHT 1.80 meters VOICE SOURCE moizzzproductions PICTURE LIST deviantart

feb. 18


nintendo, drawing, listening to music, apples, homestuck

MEDIA LIST youtube
CATCHPRHASE oh.. DISLIKES bullies and mayonnaise ZODIAC SIGN Aquarius
PERSONALITY: low self-esteem, cries a lot and hates her own voice. is irritated quick and walks away. she likes to talk in riddles instead of just saying something.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: bright yellow
Uta Yureine

uta yureine by Candy-Caramel on deviantART

Headgear: Headset. a purple or black one, depends on her mood.
Eye color: one green and one blue
Dress: grey short dress with on the sides longer pieces and purple ribbons. black armpieces and  purple/black stockings. black army boots. her armpieces have cat faces on them.

append gentlemen: same, but wears tophat and monocle. monocle is on green eye.

append aquarius: no official design yet, its sure to be badass and inspired by homestuck's eridan ampora.

concept art download:


newest voicebank is currently act 1 gentle

official name is utappend gentleman.

it is softer and better then act 1 beta.

includes breath sound (no oto)


other appends in the making: sasayaku and aquarius.

act 2 or append normal (hahah) is being recorded.

Samples of her voicebanks

append gentle:

related characters

Kimiko -- friend, uta thinks she is adorable :3


Kimine Kiichigo -- friend, they sing together a lot

MB67 -- best friend, MB67 is like a sister to uta and takes care of her.

Yattan miraine -- uta and yattan play video games together (former roomate)

Uni CornDog --They roleplay together as homestuck characters.

Jeco kawai -- uta loves to play games with jeco and hug jeco's pet rabbits

Artic leon -- is uta's best male friend.

banana hipsterswag -- friend and schoolmate.



 ~she is really tall for her age.

~her creator based uta on herself.

~uta has a history of being bullied.

~her green eye is actually fake, she lost her eye in an accident.

~both her 'parents' died.

~her blood is grey, due to her being a robot.

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