Utako Airu

Utako Airu

(Japanese: 歌子 愛る - うたこ あいる- Utako Airu)

歌子 ('Utako; Uta: song Ko: young) - Roughly translated as "young song"
愛 る (
Airu; Ai: love. Ru: can mean 'endless) - Rougly translated as "endless love"

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE G3-G5 RELATED CHARACTERS Alexander Skeffington (Airu has a one-sided crush on him)
AGE 13 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE None as of yet.
WEIGHT 98 lbs. CHARACTER ITEM Promise ring, engagement ring, etc., or a cupid's bow. CREATOR mystykness (YouTube)

November 19, 2010

(Her release date is her birthday)

RELEASE DATE November 19, 2010 DISLIKES Mean people, hatred, sour food. SIGNATURE SONG "Bird in a Cage"

PERSONALITY: Energetic, a little bit silly. Emotional, a bit of a drama queen, she adores love stories and likes to try and matchmake her friends. She's kind and gentle, but somehow manages to annoy people around her. EDIT 8/1/2013: Her Japanese syllables have been re-oto'd. Download the re-oto'd bank here.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Pale blue bangs which form the shape of a heart around her face; the rest is a dark blue.
Eye color: Yellow
Earphones:Pink, heart-shaped headphones, the antenna has a white, heart shaped point on the end, the band is white, and the head phones have two yellow lines and a blue circle that glow. Her white microphone also has a glowing blue dot.
Dress/Outfit: Sleeveless, pink and yellow striped shirt with pink lace on the top. She also has blue and yellow boots, pants, and arm and leg "extensions".

Nationality/Race: American

Voice Configuration

She uses Romaji CV bank and has an English voicebank equipped as well. Her samples are a bit short, so long notes can sound a little funky.

Usage Clause

Roleplay and Fanworks

You are more than welcome to roleplay as Utako Airu, or include her in a Utau doujinshi. But please credit her to MystykNess. 

Commerical Use

Please do not use Airu for Commercial purposes!

Political/Religious Content

You are also more than welcome to use Airu for political and/or Religious purposes, however, please refrain from using her for anything that could be offensive.

Mature/Obscene Content

You may NOT use Airu for mature content! She is 13 years old, and should be treated as such. You may ask about violent or bloody scenes, but you may ABSOLUTELY NOT portray her in a sexual manner in any way, shape or form!!

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