Mayci May Full-Body

Mayci May's Default Outfit

Mayci May

Birthday: May 5th, 2012

Name meaning: She was conceved in May, therefore the May part of her name. It is as if there is a blooming flower, (or blooming sound, if you prefer) as often times this is when spring is in its fullest.

Character Item: She has a fondness for melons and honeysuckle.

Personality: She is considerd obnoixious by some, and a romantic by others. She acts on impulse, and does not do well in situations where there is a power struggle. Her sexuality is extreamly ambiguis, as she tends to hit on both boys and girls. She secretly likes bishonen and glasses. More often than not, she is waisting time doing absolutly nothing, or harassing her Utaloid friend.

'Talents:' She can play Electric Base Guitar, Trumpet, Keyboard instruments, Drumset, and Clarinet. She also dances like a madman, but rarely finds the motivation to actually do it.

Creator: ShavedMintIce on deviantART/youtube

Terms of Use: If you use Mayci May's voice, do not use it in a manner that promotes religon. She dislikes that. Also, if it isn't to much of a bother, ShavedMintIce would like to hear what you've done with her. She won't force you, but she would apperciate it.

Download: The download for Act One of her voicebank will be on MediaFire shortly. Please wait warmly till then.

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