(Japanese:バニラ 暗雲)


バニラ (Vanille) - The French word for Vanilla

暗雲 (An'un) - Japanese for "Dark Clouds"

TYPE: BonBonLoid

MODEL: 101 X - located on her arm. She is model 101, however her brother crossed that out and replaced it with an X.


L'at 暗雲 (Older twin brother)

Mori Mine (Friend)

AGE 12 GENRE Anything sweet, slow or fast. HOMEPAGE -none
WEIGHT 41Kg CHARACTER ITEM Her angel wing magical girl staff CREATOR ceraDELLa
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 149cm VOICE SOURCE ceraDELLa PICTURE LINK LIST -the creator directly saved the photo from Sai to her desktop. It hasn't been uploaded on another site
BIRTHDAY November 15th LIKES Her brother, shojo mangas, and otome games. MEDIA LIST -none
RELEASE DATE November 24th, 2014 DISLIKES 'Yelling, bullies,and scary things.' SIGNATURE SONG

Sweet and timid little sister. Vanille is rather sensitive, and will often become upset when insulted by L'at, but she knows he's kidding and doesn't take it to heart. She is very dependent of her brother, and gets nervous on her own. When she or her brother is insulted, she becomes very rude and vulgar.

Character Design

Hair color: White and pink, short, fluffy hair.

Eye color: Left eye is pink, red eye is red.

Shirt: Oversized hoodie that is pink and white with angel wings attached to the back. There is a yellow bow on her bunny-eared hood.

Tights: Peach and pink thigh highs

. Feet: Simple pink converse.

Other: Wears a red backpack holding her staff.

Nationality: French and Japanese

Voice Configuration

Vanille's Voice will be released soon.


  • Her outfit was sewn by her twin brother.
  • Enjoys reverse harems and debauchery.
  • She adores the Kagamine Twins, and has a bit of a crush on Len.

Usage Clause

  • Do not change her design unless just clothing for a specific song.
  • Please DO NOT pitch her down
  • Allowed to be used freely.
  • If you wish to use her for RolePlay please ask me first.

This article has been written by the creator of Vanille Please do not change any info.       ''

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