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The VeeKayloids are the modern reformation of the now discontinued VKLOIDs. The creator wanted something new and original for their new name, but could only come up with the VeeKayloids, after a friend of hers called her "Vee Kay". Many of the original VKLOIDs are returning with new names and visual updates, but none of the new banks for the VeeKayloids have been released yet.

00 - Yuki Akine (returning)

01 - Raina Hanakaze (formerly Reyo Karase)

02 - Mitsuki Hanei (formerly Mitsuki Akara)

03 - Narhi Papur (formerly Doom)

04 - Akana Mikyune (returning with new voicebank)

05 - Kuria Shirasu (formerly Sage Kaurua-Kitsune)

06 - Kasa Totoro (returning with new voicebank)

07 - Kervin Derpface (returning)

08 - Taiga Sukogu (new)

09 - Azun Kurone (hopefully we will get a voicebank soon. It has been almost 3 years. I'm still waiting.)

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