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Verin Netsune
(Japanese: 熱音ヴェリン- ねつゔぇりん - Netsune Verin)
熱音 (Netsune; ardent sound) ヴェリン (Verin;truth, in Latin)



Vero Netsune (doppelganger; male counterpart by pitch manipulation)

AGE 21 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Verin Netsune's Tumblr
WEIGHT 50 kg CHARACTER ITEM 60 cm iron ruler CREATOR ver-ichihara/star6_ver

164 cm

VOICE SOURCE star6_ver (Verin Ichihara) PICTURE LINK LIST


BIRTHDAY April 1st LIKES Math, Numbers, White teddy bear, Tea MEDIA LIST


Verin Netsune's Tumblr

RELEASE DATE January 8th, 2013 DISLIKES Klutz, Medicine, called "flat-chested"/"pettanko" SIGNATURE SONG Yobanashi Deceive
PERSONALITY: The "transparent" UTAU. Not an introvert but usually unoticed, which she is okay being like that and sometimes take advantages of this "ability". Keen observer and sometimes tend to be sarcastic.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Red-brown
Hairdo: Ponytail
Headphone: Red-Black headphones
Eye color: Crimson red
Dress: Double-breasted little red dress with transparent jacket and skirt
Feet: Red long boots

Nationality: Unknown

Voice Configuration

Verin's voice by default is romaji-encoded with hiragana aliases

CV Romaji VB

  • ACT 1.0: (deleted)
Sample of her ACT 1.0 voice : A Clingy Boy Sticking for 15 Years (demo)
Sample of her ACT 2.0 voice: Yobanashi Deceive (demo)
Responses for various resamplers: resamplers test

VCV voicebank

RADiX voicebank: oto-ing (58%)

sample: VCV sample


Vero Netsune

at ACT 1.0 he can be obtained using H0Y20g+27 flag

at ACT 2.0 he can be obtained using H0Y20g+17F7t5 flag

How to use Vero Netsune:

  • If you want him to sing along with verin, you might want to add gain (+2) to his voice
  • "na" and "te" of him might not sounds manly enough, but in ACT 2.1 this problem will be fixed with "na*" and "*te"

Extra Character Relations

Usage Clause

  • Do not alter / change any appearance that had already given out without asking author permission first.
  • Do not pitch her voice or use her as pitchloid.
  • Do not claim her as yours.
  • Do not use her for sings an offensive song.
  • Her voicebank is not for commercial use.
  • Editing oto is allowable, as long as it enhances her voice better.
  • Allowed to be use freely.
  • Avoid Mary-Sue.

Please do not change anything here without author's permission.

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