UTAU Victoria. 


Gender: Female Voice Range: G3 - G#4 Homepage: OfficialVictoriaUtau
Age: 12 Recommended Genre: Sad, Slow Creator: MegaMikuGirl
Weight: 90 lbs. Item: Mask

Media List: Youtube

Height: 5'3 (160 cm.) Voice Source: MegaMikuGirl Signature Song: Kagome, Kagome
Birthday: Nov. 2 2000 Likes: Being Alone, Being Nice Nationality: Irish
Release Date: April 14, 2013 Dislikes: People Who Yell, Cats

Download VB

Her append sweet is coming out soon.

Voicbank Act 2


  • Do not pair Victoria up with other utaus without asking me first (message me on youtube).
  • DO Not Pitch unless given permission.
  • Do not use Victoria's voicebank unless you credit me in anything you make.
  • You may not claim her as your own.

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