Victorian pianona need a voice provider by tianakoopa1-d6b49vc


Name interpretation: Based off of the Victorian Piano
New UTAU- Victorian Pianona

Victorian Pianona

Type: UTAUloid

Model: Unknown

Gender: Female

Voice range: ?

Age: 18

Genre: Any


Related characters: Jasmine, Kacey, Akio, Jun, Kimiko, Akira, Blake (boyfriend), Junouchi and Melody (kids in an alternate timeline), Victor (older brother) Use flags Y10g+15 to get Victor's voice

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Character item: Doesn't have one yet.

Creator: Tiana Koopa/TianaKoopa1

Voice source: Tiana Koopa/TianaKoopa1

Birthday: January 19

Release date: January 19

Likes: Singing, dancing, playing the Piano

Dislikes: Bullies, getting annoyed

Personality: PLEASE NOTE-- Even though Victorian is given a personality, you are free to make one up. Victorian loves to sing and play the piano. She's shy when she meets new people. When she's not singing and dancing, she's either with her friends or playing on her piano.

If you like to roleplay, you are free to roleplay as any of my UTAUs

Supplemental Information:

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Dress: A purple and black dress with Pianos on it. Headphones: Black

Signature song:

Voice configuration

Her Act 0

Her Act 1


Her Arpasing English


-I got the character from KitKat-Kittykat on deviantart

-She loves playing with her children

-Victorian blushes when she's around Blake sometimes