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Volatile- Capability to fly / Fiery and explosive temper
Doom- Incoming Disaster




Male (Transgender female to male)




-Shadow Doom

("brother" / Split Personality / Hallucination of)

-Arei Gyarakkusu (You will never know. MWAHAHAH DeMoN BUDDIES)

-Namine Ritsu (Admires)


Metal, pop or rock

HOMEPAGE <None that are up to date>
WEIGHT 115 lbs CHARACTER ITEM Small wooden pencil CREATOR Sabre Hoey(Currently owned by Shadow Hoey)
HEIGHT 5'9" VOICE SOURCE (Old) Sabre Hoey(New) Shadow Hoey PICTURE LINK LIST



Oct. 10, 2014 (creation date)


Seeing the reactions of people when Shad talks to her


Dec 29, 2014

(Major Update Oct 12, 2016)


People she doesn't know, Miku Hatsune, leaders (people in charge)


PERSONALITY: Volatile does not tend to enjoy the company of people, though she doesn't have much choice but to always stick with her "brother" Shadow.
Volatile grew up in the mind of Shadow, attempting to change what path he would be lead to, and twisting his mind .

Supplemental Information

(Main Attire)

Hair color: Short black hair with long bang that has a red streak and covers the right eye. 
Eye color: Red.

Teeth: Straight with two small fangs
Outfit: Shoulder-less jacket with sleeves that are a bit too long with a fur collar, and pants made of black fabric with lace poorly holding it together.

  • Headgear- White headset
  • Gloves- White fingerless gloves with bronze plates on knuckles
  • Shoes- Knee high boots with lace up front and inner side zipper.
  • Other Accessories- Necklace with Cross

(Artwork is in the process of completion)

(Demon Attire)

Hair Colour: Similar to his main hair, though slightly longer, messier, and more streaks throughout the hair

Eye Colour: Eyeris is highlighter yellow (no pupil), while the cornea is a deep red

Teeth: All small and pointed, fangs are more "sabre-tooth" like

Outfit: Sleeveless white top with black straps wrapped around it. Same pants as before, with the lace removed.

  • Headgear - None
  • Gloves - None
  • Shoes - See Main Attire
  • Other Accessories - Necklace with Cross of Peter

(Artwork is in the process of completion)

Nationality: Irish-Canadian
Race: Half demon (Hallucination)
Personal Quote: "Ever wonder why I've yet to change in the years you've known me, Shad?"

Voice Configuration

Current Version (Old, still referred to as female): ACT1 (Main)
Recorded and edited in Audacity and oto'd by Sabre Hoey and Ari
Recommended Flags: Currently Unknown.

Recommended Resampler: TIPS.exe for oddly sounding notes in songs, try resampler.exe

Volatile's CV Japanese voicebank can be downloaded here

WIP Voicebanks: None at the moment, though "ACT2 (Main)" and the first demon voicebanks are planned, and will likely

Extra Voicebanks: Currently none.

Usage Clause

Please do not alter Volatiles voicebank without asking Shadow Hoey. Also, do not redistribute his Voicebank in any way. Creating a Fanmade or recolor of Volatile requires permission as well. Forms of use (media, art, etc.) relating to Volatile also requires permission.

Do not use/alter Volatiles design or character without permission, his creator would like to know what Volatile is being used for.

Please do not impersonate Volatiles creator, and remember to credit Shadow when using him. Using Volatile to offend any other UTAU creator is extremely forbidden. Please also remember to also follow the UTAU Rules and Regulations.

Please don't use Volatile for any form of commercial usage without asking his creator. Please also keep in mind, using Volatile would also require asking to use Shadow, as Volatile cannot exist without him.

Do not use Volatile for anything that violates laws, or offends any type of group, race, or moral.

Using Volatile for any type of sexual content/action is currently forbidden. Questions about using Volatile with certain songs are open and can be asked by contacting his creator.

All information on this page should be accurate, and approved by Volatile Doom's creator, and/or Ari. The information may be changed and updated as Volatile does, or when related characters come into play.

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