Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black with touches of brown.

Eyes color: Yellow.

Outfit: White Blouse with two yellow stripes, a short tie (yellow),

Black pants with yellow belt, rubber boots, and typical ornaments in her arms.

Languages: English/Japanese.

Nationality: Japanese.

Voice Configuration

Zuzu's Voicebanks:

Wakane Zuzu Original VoiceBank download:

Advise: The Phonemes "yo" and "yu" are falling so, is recomended to use "hyo" and "hyu".



♪ Usage must follow the terms set by UTAU's Creator, Ameya/AmeyaP

♪ No Claiming this voicebank as your own, or claiming to be it's creator.

♪ The creator holds no responsibility if incidents occur.

Voicebank Usage

♪ Persmission is not required for banks to be used.

♪ Showing the creator is not required, but appreciated.

♪ Do not use the samples in the voicebanks for another UTAULOID's voicebank.

♪ Modification of the OTO.ini file is ok for personal use. Contact the creator for any major issues.

♪ Commercial usage requires the creator's permission