(Japanese: あの人の名前は - The Person's name is...?)

あの人の名前は (Ano hito no namae wa?); basically means "The person's name is?" or "what's his name?", he is also known as Vemdå or Dare, as in "who?" in Swedish and Japanese.

TYPE: PurUtau/UTAUloid
MODEL: OTL6 - ,"the sixth guy bowing down", a pun on how Puru always makes new UTAUs she never finishes. This can be seen on the upper right sleeve of his jacket.
HERITAGE: Sweden, Stockholm


Kimiko Hidene (sister)
Miki Yukine
(fellow PurUtau)

KaiKai Kim (unrequited love)

Youe Egao (epic love-rival for KaiKai's love)

NEKUTA (friend/pet)

AGE 18 GENRE Rock and soft pop HOMEPAGE

Creator's YouTube page

WEIGHT 90lbs (41kg) CHARACTER ITEM Waffles CREATOR Purufufuru(illustrator and voicesource)
BIRTHDAY June 5th LIKES Snow, Waffles, movies, reading MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE - DISLIKES Romance novels, black, pink SIGNATURE SONG FireFlower

PERSONALITY: Whatshisname/Dare' is very deredere indeed, though he never shows his true feelings until it's "too late". Some people find him scary as he never ever displays any kind of emotion except for at crucial moments. He has a very eerie and creepy stare. He likes giving waffles to people he likes. He really does care for people, he's just too embarrassed to show it. If you were to marry this guy, he'd be your stay-at-home wife and make sure the house was clean and tidy when you came home from work.

Supplemental Information

Nationality/Race: Swedish
Hair color: Pink
Headgear: Swedish hat
Eye color: Violet/light blue
Earphones: None
Color scheme: Pink and green

Dare works best with resampler.exe or TIPS for lower-range songs.

Usage Clause What'shisname / Vemdå

This is a free distribution and not for commercial use. Please refrain from using her voicebank in anything offensive, vulgar or distasteful. You are free to use or draw her as you please, with the above rule in effect.
You are NOT, under ANY circumstances, allowed to take this voicebank and modify/alter the samples or claim it as your own. If you want to make a fanmade based on her UTAU be sure TO ASK THE AUTHOR FIRST. Editing the oto.ini is allowed as long as it is to improve the voicebank quality. The voicebank and design may not be used in any kind of pornographic material.

You are also NOT allowed to roleplay as Whatshisname without the author's permission, though cosplay and such is accepted. You are not allowed to take, recolor or alter his design to create your own characters without the author's permission.

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