Willhelm Robertson will be one of the other UTAUloids to be released in the future for the V3 series.

Willhelm is different from the other Acemaster-P UTAUloids where he will be recorded in another Language 

Willhelm is a Skyrim-based UTAUloid in which he sings in Thu'um (Dragon's Tounge) 

This is an attempt to reach the Skyrim Comunity while keeping the VOCALOID/UTAU creddibility alive 

Willhelm Robertson V3-Series Thu'um UTAUloid Biography

WIllhelm is a gamer of all trades and he keeps his personality loosley based on his favorate game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim bringing his characters alive. Willhelm is constintly active with his friends however his way with the ladies has one quirk. He flirts by singing in Thu'um and a few of the Female UTAUloids that he has met have either giggled, smiled politly, or asked what language was he singing in. Even this one time Kasane Teto smiled politly and was willing to share her french bread (which is a rarity). 

Related Characters

Since all of the Acemaster-P UTAUloids are apart of one sudo-story they each have some sort of relationship together.

Superdude: Willhelm's Wingman and fellow Acemaster-P UTAUloid

Ace Masters: Willhelm sees him as a laid-back person and thinks that Ace intentionaly escapes to his own little world to ignor the others. Fellow Acemaster-P UTAUloid

Brandy: Mourns over her loss, Fellow Acemaster-P UTAUloid

Jorge Cruz: Both of them Secretly escape from the others from time and time again for a private jam session. Fellow Acemaster-P UTAUloid

Isabella Cruz: Close Friend and Fellow Acemaster-P UTAUloid

Pikane: Willhelm is trying to reverse the mute spell casted on Pikane. Fellow Acemaster-P UTAUloid

Kasane Teto: Politly shared French bread with him after Willhelm's failed attempt to woo her

Lelias Meleven: Willhelm Hit on her.... Epicly Failed....Thinks she has a crush on his Wingman Superdude.

Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid): Willhelm tried to woo her twice.... First time, he was smacked with a leek....Second time, same thing but KAITO gave him some pointers on how to succsefully woo her (VIA Fan-made YouTube Videos)

Willhelm Robertson Suplemental Info

Model #: WRV3

Age: Undetermined (However the Voice Provider may decide an age soon)

Nationality: American

Race: Mixed

Height: 6" 3'

Weight: 159 lbs.

Author: Rafael Tristan (Acemaster-P)

Voice Provider: William Robertson

Language: Thu'um, English(TBD)

Vocal Range: N/A

Tempo Range: N/A

Character Item : To Be Determined

The voicebank is still under wraps so stay tuned...

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