Xena Dendoune (電動音ジーナ) is an unreleased UTAU created by Xe:Na. Her voice provider is Xe:Na. Xena will not be released until 2012. Her genre is rock,pop and enka. An official picture of Xena is in progress. Xena's character item is a blueberry. Her likes are,blue things,Sora Suiga(her crush),and throwing things.She has a bad temper,but can be really sweet. Her dislikes are, yaoi,rude people and Miku. She hates miku. Xena is created as a parody of Miku. Xena will do anything to gain more popularity than Miku. Xena is 14 years old and is 6'2"ft tall and weighs 110 pounds.

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