Xiaomao or Koneko is an UTAUloid voiced by slkoolik. Her voice is being developed, and is somewhat similair to the voices of Mayama Nyanya and Karase Inazu. Her name in kanji (小猫) can be read in Chinese or Japanese and means "little cat".
Info 小猫
Name Interpretation

小= little, small (xiao or ko)

猫= cat (mao or neko)

Gender Neko Girl
Age unknown
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Voicer's Age 13

Supplemental Information

Hair: A dark champagne color, tied in two braided pigtails that are about thigh length.

Headgear: A pair of black neko ears. Rumors say that they are real. 

Eye Color: A piercing lime green 

Dress: A short black trechcoat with a collar 

Nationality/Race: Neko girl

Model: VKLOID11

6th senses/Special abilities: unknown

Catchphrase: "Be sassy, be classy, and a little smart ass-ty."

Personality: She is a very mysterious character. She looks very cute and innocent, but is actually tougher than she looks. She is VERY sassy.

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