gender female
voice range N/A
related characters

Namine Ritsu (IDOL)

Aiko Kikyuune ( best friend)

Kenta Chikune (Love interest)

age 17 genre ???
weight 114 lbs character item strawberry pocky
creator curlyjo2001 height 5'7"
voice source unknown likes

keroro gunsou, anime, manga, america, and curry.


September 3rd, 1995

dislikes people calling her chikune kenta, and people being mean to her.
relese date August 15,2012 Signature song Unknown

PERSONALITY: Yasu is a girl with a split personality so if she gets mad, she goes on a rampage by yelling at people. She dosen't sing alot instead, she watches lots of anime and manga. Yasu is an only child so lives with her mom. She has a couple friends ( Kaito, Tei Sukone, Utane Uta, Teto Kasane, Aiko Kikyuune, Momo Momone, and TATARI.) She has a crush on Kenta Chikune but nobody knows that. Ritsu Namine is her idol she hangs out with him most of the time.

Headgear: None

Hairdo: Side Ponytail

Eye Color: Yellow

Earphones: Gray earphone set with lilac spikes

Outfit: A Lilac short sleeved shirt, Yellow tie,3 layered skirt (lilac, blue, and yellow.) Yellow boots

Nationality/Race: American 70% Japanese 30%

Favorite Phrases: You're the saddest person I ever ment, Tell me about it.

Haircolor: Navy Blue

Name Interpretation: Assertive child

Voice configuration :

Will be released soon.

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