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Pp yarui

Name: Yarui Munegi ( やるい むねぎ)

Name Interpretation:

Pronounced as "Ya-rui  Mu-ne-gi"

Type: VENOMloid

Model: Crystal-EE

Yarui Munegi re-new transparent
Gender Male Voice Range B3 ~ D5 Related Characters Hyero Munegi ( wife )

Zeke ( Fellow VENOMloid )

Age 52 Genre any

(except sexual contents)

Homepage V I R U S
Weight 62kg Character Item Sword Creator V I R U S
Height 181cm Voice Source V I R U S Picture Link -
Birthday 28/2


Likes Hyero





gothic themes



Media List SoundCloud
Release Date 23/12/2015 Dislikes liars

'fake' people

Signature Song Bad Apple ( VCV )

Personalities: Rough , psychotic , calm , cool , aggressive

Background Story: [EDIT] living in the year of future ( 2500+ ) as an idol. he is currently in an idol group called VENOMloid. Yarui and his members had been making concerts together for their fans to enjoy and screams.

Supplemental Information

Hair : Ocean Blue

Eyes : Magenta

Inner Shirt : white

Suit : a Dark themed suit with purple linings on some places

Head Gear : Hairclip

Pants : white

Boots : black with purple linings

Race : Human

Nationality / Races : Malaysian-Japanese

Voice Configuration


VCV ACT2 Strong :

flags ( THIS IS A MUST ) : Y0P99B0H0C99BRE0B15g+30

Related Character

  • Hyero Munegi ( Waifu )
  • Rainy Hizami ( Partner / Fellow VENOMloid )
  • Nanamiya Kaguma ( Fellow VENOMloid )
  • Nanamiya Zeke ( Fellow VENOMloid )
  • Naine Eito ( Fellow VENOMloid )
  • Toki Imo ( Fellow VENOMloid )
  • Leon ( Fellow VENOMloid )


  • Loyal toward his wife , Hyero
  • His wife is a male :^))))))
  • loves to sing a lot , especially with VENOMloids fellow
  • A skillful sword man
  • He loves strong beat drop.
  • cool , he might be psycho, but he could chill.
  • A hardworking idol , barely giving up on what he is going to achieve
  • He only care for those who had been kind to him for a long time

Usage Clause

  • NEVER claim that the character belongs to you.
  • ALLOWED to be used freely.
  • DO NOT do anything to damage the character's name or image.
  • Please CREDIT THE CREATOR once you've used the character or the voicebank.
  • Permission is encouraged. do ask me here
  • Solos/Duets/Choruses are ALLOWED.
  • Permission for using him in Role Plays (RP) is COMPULSARY.

If one is caught breaking the rules,please REPORT to the creator IMMEDIATELY.

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character V I R U S ( aka. Nanamiya Zeke / Nabila Hani ) .Please DO NOT change anything here without his permission.


Yarui Munegi 1st design

Yarui Munegi 1st Design


Yarui Munegi 2nd Design

Yarui Munegi re-new transparent

Yarui Munegi latest design (3rd)

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