Yasashi Neiro

(Japanese: 優しい音色 - やさし・ねいろ・- Yasashi Neiro)
優しい (Yasashi) - Gentle, Friendly

音色 (Neiro) - Tone

GENDER Male VOICE RANGE Yasashi Neiro's range is not defined RELATED
Yasashi Neiro has no relationships
AGE 12 GENRE Not defined HOMEPAGE Unknown
WEIGHT 78 lbs CHARACTER ITEM Large Book; Slingshot CREATOR Dogeloid
HEIGHT 61 inches VOICE SOURCE Dogeloid PICTURE LINK LIST Not available
BIRTHDAY July 17 LIKES Being Praised, A good prank.

Always being right

MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE July 17 2014 DISLIKES Being wrong, being laughed at, Being scolded SIGNATURE SONG Unknown
ADDITIONAL INFO: Neiro Yasashi was originally suppose to have a stronger more masculine voice but was decided to have a whispering more silent voice and would later get more serious voicebanks with his voice more stronger.

He has an immature and childish personality.

Supplemental Information

  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Headgear: None
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Headphones: White Earphones (Around neck)
  • Clothing: White Turtle Neck Jacket, Blue Sleeves, Grey Waders
  • Nationality/Race: Spanish/Japanese
  • Extra title: erase or replace with your own title

Voicebank releases

Voice configuration

Notable media


  • Here


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