YESLNIA:- NO CURRENT MEANING (Reversed of the creators real name --- ' Ainsley'                                                                                                         PRONOUNCIATION:- YELL-SS-NEE-AH

Kagami:- Ka and gami both mean 'mirror'
ミラー- Mirror

TYPE: Yandeloid (Yandere version of a existing UTAUloid) She is the Yandeloid of Momo Momone. She is also a fanloid type called a 'Scissorsloid'

TATOO: On YelsnIA's right shoulder (Although hidden from her armwarmers in the picture) is a scar spelling the words ' NO ', this is a contradiction to the normal tatoos, showing that she thinks she is a failure.





AGE 11           (OFFICIAL  AGE) GENRE Sad or Creepy HOMEPAGE NONE          (So far)

0lbs           (2g - wind counterpart)

CHARACTER ITEM Apple Pie CREATOR Littletweet    (Ainsley - illustrator)

5'4"                (153.6192 cm)




13th December 2014

LIKES Hugs, having friends to play with, protecting. MEDIA LIST ?
RELEASE DATE  UNKOWN DISLIKES Mice,rats,rodents,murderers,her enemies,wind haters SIGNATURE SONGS

Can't I Even Dream?, Rugrats Theory (Future projects)

Personality: Known as a sweet yet lonely soul, YelsnIA doesn't tend to have many friends, in her spare time she invests in her artistic sides and listens to music whilst doing so. She seems to be over-protective when it comes to her brother, RiatsiLA. She has a tendancy to repeat the word 'sauce' over and over again.

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: White and very pale grey with black streaks commonly dyed in contrast with the pale hair color with a black ahoge (sticking up hair;cowlick) 

A/N: See concept art for details.
OC 16 12 14

The full design of YelsnIA

Headgear: Two pale wolf ears that move naturally.

Eye Color: Warm chocolate brown with purple streaks illuminating the iris.

Dress: A brown/maroon dress with a white maid's skirt over it, black tights and white arm-warmers that are too long for YelsnIA. A white string from the back of her dress where you can tie the bow is constantly loose and impossible to tie, note that this acts as a tail.  

Nationality/Race: American, Okami [ Wolf ]

Favourite Phrases

Normal state: " Watshi wa wakarimasen " ( " I am not sure. " )

Yandere!YelsnIA: " Dare ga amai chisana wolfie o osoretedesu ka? " ( " Who's afraid of the sweet little wolfie? " )

Voice Configuration

YelsnIA was made to be a UTAUloid to have a English voicebank. Until that voicebank is created, then no one will be allowed to use that voice. 

Usage Clause

Disclaimer: You are NOT allowed to do any of the following

  • Claim her as your own
  • Use her to break any of UTAU'S rules
  • Use her voice for your own UTAU'S voice
  • Use her full design in any way (Looking like an EXACT clone, although I can't stop you from making your creation wear the tights, dress, string tail etc..)
  • Give credit, although you say you were the original creator (although in short it is in bullet point 1)
  • Create a new voicebank of hers without permission (Although chances are you will get no, you voice is probably different than mine and the creator wants her to sound young like the creator (from their age)
  • Edit this page unless you are the creator

You CAN do the following

  • Do fanart of her and/or RiatsiLA
  • Draw her picture
  • Use her voicebank (Once created)
  • Use specific items of clothing from her design for your own characters (But not her full design)
  • Use her to create english songs (Although this is already allowed)

Art Work

RiatsiLA and YelsnIA:

YelsnIA and RiatsiLA

YelsnIA and RiatsiLA Drawn by Littletweet (Creator)

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