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Yoku's close up

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Yoku Masu

Yoku Masu- Masu Yoku- マス良く

Gender- Female Voice Range- 80- 170 Related Characters: Yukina Neko ( Rival) Ted Kasane ( Crush)

Age: 19

Genre- Pop

Homepage- This wikia

Weight- 130 lbs.

Character item- Ebi (shrimp)

Creator- Susen Nakoi

Height- 5'3

Voice Source- Rokupi Yamamoto

Picture link: coming to this wikia

Birthday- 7- 9- 1989

Likes- shopping, meeting boys,

Media: Coming to youtube

release date: 7- 9- 2012

dislikes: Yukina Neko, being rejected, not getting attention

Signature songs: Obey me!, I like you more than her

Trivia: her name is a shortened version of Yokubo( lust) and a shortened version of Romansu (romance)

Personality: Yoku is seen to be a girl who tries to be sexy, and get a boyfriend. She acts all Romantic and slutty everytime she is around boys, such as Burieno, Yukinari, Ted, and sometimes Ritsu. She likes to be the best, and has quite a competition with Yukina.

Hair color: Light brown

Headpeice: Headphones

eye color: Light blue

Headphones: Black with yellow and pink accents

dress: A short dark purple sleeveless top, and a short black shirt which shows her panties when standing on her toes, and leaning over.

Nationality/ Race: Japanese Human

Favorite Phrase: Dakara, anata wa tai ga watashi no atarashi boifurendo ni narimasu ka? ( So, do you wanna be my new boyfriend?)

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