(Japanese: 月音 , 夜 - つきね, よる - Tsukine, Yoru)
ALIAS: Elmira - (She is very aristocratic )
月音 (Tsukine; T-Su-Ki-Nay 'Moon Sound')(Yoru; Yo-roo 'Night')
MODEL: 646
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE 213.1 Hz (G#3) RELATED CHARACTERS Ariou Hisada (Lover)

TEMPERATURE/Kion (Lab-Made Sister)

WEIGHT 85 lbs (39 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Scissors with Red Tape CREATOR xXAkuxTsukikoXx ( xXChibixKittyXx)(Butler)
HEIGHT 4'3" (130 cm) (She was made to be like a sister for a little boy) VOICE SOURCE xXAkuxTsukikoXx ( xXChibixKittyXx)(Butler)
BIRTHDAY October 7, 1991 LIKES Snow, Yarn, Cutting things Things with Scissors, Pandas, Night, Games
RELEASE DATE January 9, 2010 DISLIKES Loud Noises, Tomatoes, Judged by her Height and Appearance SIGNATURE SONG Dolls
PERSONALITY: She is a loli-Double trap, People mistake her for a boy dressed as a girl. Sounds like she's way older then appearance. Likes above. Love to help people out on anything. Trying her best to seem realistic and humanly. Yoru is very quiet and seems Soft Spoken. Loves to play games word, board, video.She often keeps to herself and secretly likes to sing harsh music and screamo.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Dark Blue
Headgear: Bow
Eye color: Crimson
Earphones: None
Dress/Outfit: Blue Lolita Dress, Bow, White Knee High boots, White Heart Shaped Apron
Others: Blue and White lace Choker
Nationality/Race: French and Japanese

Voice Configuration

She is meant to be an 'Alto' for she sounds more comfortable around the C3 range. She is a CV bank. She has all otos for the bank.&nbsp Her VB is not for download yet.

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