Yowamushi-kun (よわむしくん)

I don't have much info regarding this Utau, other than what I managed to get from his japanese utau wiki entry. I thought I'd put him up here too. I'm very bad at making/editing wiki entries so I hope someone else comes in and cleanes this up a bit.

His original wiki entry:よわむしくん &よわむしくん


VCV(Can be used as CV, like Kasane Teto)  Voicebank download:

Basic Info: 
  • Male
  • 16 Years Old

  • Height: 156cm
  • Weight: 39kg
  • Race: Monocular(Cyclops?)
  • Birthday: March 16th
  • Personality: Scared, wimpy
  • Favorite things: 100% Apple Juice, Candy
  • Dislikes: His lack of depth perception, regular food

The Melancholy of a Literature Boy

Magician in Love


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