(Japanese: 雄大な フルート音 - Yūdaina Furūtone

NAME INTERPRETATION: 雄大な (Yudaina; majestic.)
フルート音 (Furutone; flute sound. Probably referring to the fact that he plays the flute and he has a soft voice.)

TYPE: Yuniloid
MODEL: Yuniloid-03 - The third Yuniloid.
all other Yuniloids
Shizuka Kawane (lover)
AGE 18 GENRE UNKNOWN HOMEPAGE Official Yuniloid Blog
WEIGHT 160 lbs/72.52 kg CHARACTER ITEM Flute CREATOR Yunikōn-P
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 6'0 ft/182.88 cm VOICE SOURCE Yunikōn-P PICTURE LINK LIST Art to be added.
BIRTHDAY July 9, 1995 LIKES Quiet, peace, flutes, playing the flute, people who are quiet, waterfalls, Shizuka Kawane, water lilies, lotuses, classical music, and soft songs. MEDIA LIST To be added.
RELEASE DATE None yet. (Yudaina Furutone is a WIP UTAUloid.) DISLIKES Loud things, being disrupted, chaos, rock music, screamo and metal music, and people who are loud or obnoxious. SIGNATURE SONG None Yet.
PERSONALITY:Yudaina is very quiet and almost never speaks. He has a soft, melodic voice when he does, however. He loves his flute and plays it often. He prefers to be alone, but enjoys his girlfriend, Shizuka Kawane's company. Shizuka tries to get him to speak more and be more social, however, it doesn't really work. Although Yudaina is a hard worker, he enjoys relaxing as well. He is very punctual and is never late for anything. He is also laid back and prefers to do things at his own pace. He also enjoys playing piano.

Supplemental Information

Hair: Brown.
Headgear: None.
Eye color: Gold.
Earphones: Black with white piano key patterns.
Dress: He wears a tan overcoat. The folded part around the neck of the jacket, as well as his tie and belt, are patterned with piano key pattern. He also has pockets on the side of his jacket that have this pattern. He wears brown pants with formal black dress shoes. YL-03 is imprinted on the left side of his neck in gold lettering.
Nationality/Race: Japanese/Human
Favorite phrase: ... (...)

Voice Configuration

His Voicebank is planned to be deep but soft. His Voicebank contains mostly Japanese phonemes, but there are a few English phonemes in the bank.

Usage Clause

Usage clause will be distributed with Voicebank.

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

The details seen on this page are certified true and correct by the UTAU's creator, Yunikōn-P.

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