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Name Inerpretation: 由縁、'所以、or ゆえん all meaning reason which describes the character as a voice of reason because he is wise.

Yuen shrinemaiden outfit (ゆえんの巫女洋服)

Yuen Male Concept art

Yuen kimono

Alternate design


Hermaphrodite(20% female, 80% male. In character, Yuen does not mention his gender at all.)



Core voicebanks:

A#2 - G6

120 bpm




414 (mentally)

14 (physically)

genre Rock, ballad, requiem, rock, and techno



Yuen's official website

Weight 110 pounds (50 kilograms)



Magic Flute Creator

Puppy Kishin

(Voice provider and concept creator)


5'4" Feet 




Puppy Kishin/ Kishinboy

(We are the same person)


Birthday January 7th 2000 Likes Yaoi, Bara,Axes , knowledge, granting peaoples wishes, wearing cute dresses, cakes, and candies Media List Youtube



January 3rd 2014

Dislikes Henatai, annoying people, rude people Signature songs

Before Everything Ends

I am a Broken Umbrella


Playful and wise. Yuen is also bipolar. His trips are set off when someone is being rude or mean. When this happens, it triggers his murderous side. Over his long life Yuen has tried his best to hide his murderous side by being playful. To make Yuen stable he eats lots of sugary candies. Yuen is also a hopless romantic through his adventures through time and space, but sadly never finds it.

Note: Yuen is a yangire not yandere all of his trips are never triggered because of romance. When Yuen is hurt romantically, he just cries like a baby. But when some one cusses him  out, call a funeral home.

For a complete back story visit Yuen's website

Suplemental information

Hair color: Light grey

Eye color:  Navy blue

Dress: Black or grey kimono

Race/Nationality: Intercontinental Cat Witch

Yuen is a standalone vcv bank only. All core banks are meant to side like a mixture of male and female voice, so it can sound androgynous. You can make him sound more feminie by making him go up on the piano roll or using gender flags. You can make him sound more masculine by putting him down the piano roll or using gender flags.

The password for all voicebanks are : YuenYuen

VCV act 2

Note: All information stated here is made true by the creator of Yuen and is subject to change without notice.

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