YUKA UTANO (Japanese: 宇多野ゆか  - Utano Yuka)

ウタノ (Utanofield of songs.)

ゆか (Yuka) - fragrant.

ALIAS: Yuka, Angel of Harmony

TYPE: UTAUloid, Pinkloid 

MODEL: none




Kurozami Himeji

AGE 16 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Utano Yuka's Facebook page
WEIGHT 79.36 lbs (36 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Cotton Candy CREATOR OtakuLOID Gaming
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'1" feet (155 cm) VOICE SOURCE 甘い (Sweet) PICTURE LINK LIST Deviantart, Facebook, Draw City.
BIRTHDAY January the 12th 2017 LIKES Sweet dessert, attention, singing, dancing, cats, anime, leading, kawaii things. MEDIA LIST Youtube, Deviantart.
RELEASE DATE March 31th, 2017 DISLIKES Noise, weird and stupid choreography, being ignored, being alone. SIGNATURE SONG Popipo

Ievan Polkka

Yuka Yuka Ni Shite Ageru

PERSONALITY: Yuka is a bubbly girl, most smiling and you almost can't see her without her cute and big smile. She's very friendly, she'll accept to be everyone's friend, even a demon. She's born to be a leader, and that's what she's doing. She's helping to everyone who got in trouble, even if the person doesn't want her to. She's a hyper person who likes to jump and hop and run, just for fun. Yuka eats lots of sweets, but most of them, as probably you can see - cotton candies, but she never gets fat of it. She likes to read books and comics, moreover: mangas. She's also watching animes. Sometimes she's getting very shy, but after some minutes she stops being shy. Her favorite quote is: "Booyakasha". Yes, she's also watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and she likes this series very much, so she also likes Michelangelo's quote: "Booyakasha".



  1. Character Design
  2. Latest activity


After celebrating her 15th birthday, Yuka earned her Halo of Harmony and she is now a fully mature angel. According to The Book of Rules of the World of Celestial: A fully mature angel will have to carry out his/her duty to guide mankind to goodness without revealing his/her identity as an angel. The role of angel will not go well with Yuka's attention-seeking instinct. She tends to enjoy being the center of attention and her dream is to become a super idol.

On that night she was seen crying in her bed. Her parents came over and comforted her. After knowing the reason of Yuka being unhappy, Yuka's parents allowed her to stay in the human world to pursue her dream as a singer. Yuka questioned the feasibility of this plan and her parents assured to her that The Book of Rules of the World of Celestial do not impede an angel from disguising as human instead The Book only state that an angel must not reveal his/her identity as an angel. So in this case she is safe to stay in the human world as long as she does not reveal her identity. Yuka burst into tears of joy and embraced her parents.

The next day, Yuka leave the celestial world happily and her parents saw her off with tears in their eyes. When she arrived the human world she kept her wings and halo. After wandering in the human world for some time she found a job in a restaurant as a part time singer to support herself. She realized human of her age went to school so she went to school too. In school she met many new friends and at the same time she carried out her duty to guide people around her to goodness and spread happiness to people around her.

One day, when Yuka was working in the restaurant someone(the creator) approached her and asked her to became her UTAU. After some negotiation Yuka finally agreed to the person and she is now named as Utano Yuka, the first Pinkloid UTAUloid.

 ==Character Design==

Hair color: Blue hair, like the sky's color at the middle of the day tied into two ponytails with upper part of her hair rolled up and tied into a ring shape. Eye color: Icy blue, some brighter than her hair.

Earphones: black headset with pink illumination and golden musical waves. 

Shirt: White, sleeveless, bareback shirt with pink trimming over a black tube. A pink tie tied around the collar and has a golden ruby, a gray pin in her pink tie, and at the bottom of the tie, texted the number "06" in black. 

Skirt: Black cheerleading skirt with blue trimming and white inverted box pleat. Has two "tails" on both sides hanging from front to back. 

Sleeve: Black separated sleeves with pink trimming on both ends, a pattern of guitar on the right side and a pattern of piano on the left side, and the number "06" colored red on her right shoulder. 

Boot: Pink long boots until above knees with pink trimming on top and a blue sole, has additional pieces of leather with golden trimming and tied by blue ribbons covering the parts between knees and ankles. 

Nationality/Race: Israeli-Japanese/angel

Favorite phrase: "Booyakasha", a sentence from the series: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" which is mentioned a lot in the series, and which Yuka's favorite series. (except from the animes.)

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