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Yuki Asayone Act02

Yuki Asayone

[Japanese: 麻よ音 雪 - Asayone Yuki]

麻よ音 [Asayone] - meaning "beautiful" + "sound"
雪 [Yuki] - meaning "snow"

TYPE: SYMPATHYLOID - an utauloid of RK Sympathy, "Sympathy" being for the pain and suffering of each of them
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE D3~B4 RELATED CHARACTERS Kasaiko Asayone [Twin Sister]

Nobuo Tsukino [Close Friend]

Mari Kozue [Friend]

WEIGHT 116 lbs CHARACTER ITEM Chinsuko CREATOR Ruka Kurokawa YouTube DeviantArt
BIRTHDAY July 6 LIKES Baking. Of course, there's a few ingredients she repeatedly uses that normally, people wouldn't... but more for her then! No one really knows whether she's a good cook or not because no one actually wants to try it. Another thing she likes is video games, they're actually how she met Nobuo. Oh, and anime, who could forget that? MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE April 1, 2014 DISLIKES Horror movies. They... make her feel like a monster. She can't help it when her mind gets to her and she goes along with its desires! SIGNATURE SONG ~To Be Added~
PERSONALITY:She is a pretty much a really cheerful otaku. However, like how a lot of happy people are, that smile has some dark things behind it. Yuki is a victim of wendigo psychosis... and sometimes she does succumb to those urges. Meaning, she's eaten people before. This gets her into trouble a lot of times, since she's technically a murderer, but her sister, Kasaiko, always manages to help her out. And of course, Yuki's very grateful for that.

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Aqua w/White strip
Headgear: None
Eye Color: Dark Green
Dress: A dark blue belly shirt with a dark green undershirt. With this she wears a short dark green skirt and her dark blue boots. All along the outfit are designs representing different silverware.
Country [originally placed in]: America [U.S.A.]

Members of her Household

Kasaiko Asayone:
Status: Alive
Her twin sister who is technically younger, by a few minutes. She is the more 'intellectual' of the two, while Yuki is the more athletic. She has always been supportive, and always helped Yuki out of the dangerous situations she gets herself into.

Voice Configuration

Yuki was designed to only sing in Japanese. [English and French in the future.] For singing, you may write only write in Romaji for Windows.

Usage Clause

You may use her for cover songs, but you must give credit to Ruka Kurokawa or RK Sympathy for the voice bank! Here you can download her Act02:


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