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Yuki Kwon

(Japanese: 雪/ユキ クォン [Korean: 유키 권] - Yuki Kwon)

雪 ('Yuki'; Japanese name meaning "snow".)

권 (Kwon; Korean surname; no specific meaning.)

TYPE: UTAU, KASSYDloid (refering to my 6 UTAUs.)
MODEL: 03 (this number is located under the hair at the back of the head;on the base of the skull)


(he can hit a C#6 with "a" and "ra" though)


Jonetsune Kosuke (Twin sister of Partner/Friend)

Angel Red (Friend)

Jonetsune Daisuke  (Partner)

Sensei (Friend; little intimidated by him, but wants to get to know him better...)

Sonny Belgrave (Friend/Fluffy Kitty Boy that Yuki likes to pet...)



(age troll; looks 14, IS 20.)

WEIGHT 95lb//43kg CHARACTER ITEM Bubble Tea or Slush Puppies of any flavour. CREATOR



Julia Parissien (personal friend of mine)




11th September ‎


Icy weather, Chocolate, Winter, cold drinks, Daisuke (Cannon Pairing), all things fluffy and soft! ^w^ Including Daisuke's hair...




30th November 2013

DISLIKES Being alone, too much heat(Summer), foods that are too Spicy or hot(heat), pain(of any kind). SIGNATURE SONG & GENRE


Any atm...

PERSONALITY: Dandere (He has a little bit of a "Notice me Senpai!!" thing going on with Daisuke. Daisuke does notice, but teases a little bit... not much though; they're a bit lovey dovey...)

Yuki is a shota, he's a shy boy, he gets embarrassed about some things, he's a shota, he acts like Sonny Belgrave's cute, well behaved twin, he hates upseting people, did I mention he's a shota..?

Other Notes: Yuki has the ability to control ice and snow.

Visual Description

Hair: Long, Straight, Silver hair with a stylised fringe and a "Hetalia South Korea" curl; Hair Plaited and tied at the end with a white hair tie.

Eyes: Heterochromia; his right eye is Turquoise, his left eye is True Blue.

Color Scheme: Blue, Silver, Black, White.

Neck Wear: None.

Top: Cyan Blue hoodie with white short sleeves, one True Blue left brest pocket

Arm Wear/Nails: One, white arm warmer like sleeve with a power gauge on it (looks like a blue light bar). White coloured nails.

Trousers: White to Blue gradiation Shorts, Army/Capri Shorts, 2 front pockets, 2 back pockets(I haven't drawn them but they look like this: Jeans), and 2 side-of-leg pockets.

Footwear: White shoes with a tear shaped light in the centre of the top of the shoe, Blue/Cyan bases.

Headphones: Looks like normal, round headphones, black with a circle of white in the middle and a blue light ring in those circles on the sides, microphone on right side of his head.

Birth Marks/Other Stuff: Snow flake birthmark on right side of upper chest, 2 mini jack cables wrapped around his left wrist that run into his body via his forearm like "veins". They can be plugged into computers, audio players and, with a mini jack to 1/4 inch jack adapter, they can plug into Stereo Speakers.

Nationality: Korean-Japanese

For a better idea of how he looks, follow this link:

Yuki Character Profile

Voicebank Download

Link to Voicebank Download

His voicebanks' syllables are encoded in Romaji and aliased in Hiragana.

Terms of Use

1) Do NOT claim Yuki's voicebank as your own.

2) Please don't use his voicebank commercially.

3) Please don't use his likeness commercially UNLESS I GIVE YOU PERMISSION.

4) Don't redistrubute, edit or create Fanloids of his voicebank in any way, shape, or form. 

5) Draw as much fanart of him as you want but when using him in "more adult stuff", please consult me about it first. Also, if you are planning to draw anything R-18 of him, DON'T do anything that's TOO EXPLICIT.(i.e. No drawing.....everything just... OUT...! ( O/////o))

6) You don't have to ask me to use him for a song. Please let me see the outcome though! X3

7) NO MAKING HIM SING SONGS LIKE "GIGANTIC OTN"!!! DX (I might allow some negotiation if it's "April Fools Day", or if you think a song is quite like "Gigantic OTN" but it's not as brash and you still want him to sing it. Talk to me on my dA about it; I'll be happy to help. ^_^)

8) Please don't make him sing or say anything rude or offensive directed at anyone; though I doubt anyone will... (this includes religions, races, genders, sexualities, etc.)

9) Please don't RP him in any way, ever.

10) Please do NOT change his physical appearance, ever. Please don't change his clothing or hairstyle unless it is to suit a certain song.

11) When uploading anything with Yuki in it, Please don't forget to tag the upload with "Yuki Kwon".

Other than that, Enjoy! =3

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