(Japanese: 夏音雪 - なつねゆうき - Natsune Yuki)

夏音 (NatsuneSummer sound)
雪 (Yuki; Snow)


Rinto Kagamine (Massive crush)

Koyuki Natsune (Younger sister)

Rin Kagamine (Best friend)

Len Kagamine (Best friend)

Mikuo Hatsune (Senior)

Miku Hatsune (Enemy)

AGE 17 GENRE Unknown HOMEPAGE Coming Soon


(108 lbs)

CHARACTER ITEM Lollipop, Axe, Butcher Knife CREATORS


(Facebook )

HEIGHT 167cm (5'4 feet) VOICE SOURCE RinkuKumiko PICTURE LINK LIST Doesn't have one currently
BIRTHDAY November 14, 1993 LIKES Rinto, Chocolate, Lollipop, Bunny, Puppy, Chocolate, Baking sweets, Yaoi manga, Kitty, Swings MEDIA LIST Coming Soon
RELEASE DATE Coming Soon DISLIKES Being teased by Rin, Hatsune Miku, Annoying people, Vegetables SIGNATURE SONG Unknown
PERSONALITY: Yuki Natsune is a cute teen girl with long purple side-ponytail hair. She is often seen sitting on the swings when she was free or depress while chewing a lollipop. She looks like the type that every soul will go for her confession, but her confession was rejected by Rinto every time. Her chocolate was rejected by Rinto on the Valentines' Day, but she doesn't give up easily. Instead, she would stalk Rinto everyday. Rinto failed to notice she was stalking him. When Yuki saw any girl getting closer to Rinto, she would trigger on her Yandere mode. She would also trigger on her Yangire mode for her little sister, Koyuki. Yuki would always carry a knife everywhere, when she sees Miku, she would kill her. She is pretty talented in baking sweets.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Long purple hair until knees. Her hair is tied into a side-ponytail. Her hair band is similar to Miku's but the color was blue and black. A cherry-like accessory is clipped to the hair band.
Headgear: None.
Eye color: Red.
Earphones: Blue headset with black illumination
Dress: Pink, white and purple lace dress with laces on both shoulders. A black ribbon is tied at the dress collar. Yellow button in the middle of the dress. Two pockets with white laces is located between the upper part of the dress and the middle part of the dress. Below the dress is designed like the normal lab coat.
Shoes: High white boots until knees with a lot of pink-colored ribbons.
Accessories: Handcuffs chains on both of her arms.
Nationality/Race: Malaysian-Japanese
Catchphrase: Rinto-kyun!

Voice Configuration

Yuki's voicebank is coming soon!

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