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Yukinas Makeup

Neko Yukina

Neko Yukina

== Yukina Neko == Neko Yukina 雪な猫又 Type- Engloid

Gender- Female

Voice Range- unidentified

Related characters: Yukinari Neko (twin) Burieno Wakayama (boyfriend)

Age: 12

genre- jpop

homepage- Cosplaycollect/ twitter

weight: 98 lbs.

character item- cookies

creator- Yuri U~irukinsan

height- 4' 12

voice source- Oburi Neiru

picture link- On this wikia

birthday- August 20, 2000

likes- cookies, dancing, helping animals

media list - coming to youtube

release date- August 20, 2011

dislikes- wolves, death, being alone

signature songs- "Moonlit march" "Princess of fear"

Personality: Being seen as just a Kawaii and talented little girl, who is serious and playful. when she was young she was Princess Yukia Nekoma, and is terrified of the color yellow for it destroyed her home and she become Yukina Neko.She loves the colors pink and purple, and is sometimes seen as a 17 year old. As a princess she has to marry at age 13 and was arranged to marry Burieno Wakayama.

Hair color: Pink, with curls and a cowlick

Headgear: none

Eye color: Purple

Headphones: Dark purple with heart shaped earpieces

Dress: Grey tube top with pink bow and gold and lace, with purple detatched sleeves with pink lace. with a grey skirt with white under layer, and a purple belt and pink and gold chain side belt. with black sleeves with purple tops and pink side lines. She also wears a special necklace with gold bells, and black boots with knee high pink socks.

Nationality/Race: Human, half japanese half american.

Favorite Phrase: Watashi wa itsuka wa shinu shinakereba narimasen shitte irunode, watashi no kichona jikan o muda ni sutoppu! ( I know someday I will have to die so stop wasting my precious time!)

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