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Yukinari Neko

Gender: Male

Voice Range: unidentified

Related Characters: Yukina Neko (twin)

Age: 12

Genre: pop, jpop

Homepage: Here

Weight: 100 lbs

Character item: Brownies

Creator: Oburi Neiru

Height: 4' 14

Voice source: Oburi Neiru

Picture link: coming to this page

birthday December 19- 2000

likes: brownies, joking, being alone

media list: coming to youtube

release date: december 19- 2011

dislikes: other people, loud noises

Signature songs: Servant of evil (cover), My Delicous friends

Personality: Yukinari is almost like a little geek, he freaks out in groups, but however Yukina dresses, he is automatically dressed in a male version.He is just a cloned version of Yukina with a male look, and pitched voice. He creates quite resemblance to Len Kagamine.

Hair Color: Pink

Headpeice: none

eye color: purple

headset: a small black or sometimes dark purple headset, similar to Kaito Shion's.

Dress: An outfit Identicle to Yukinas though the lace on the sleeves is red, and he wears shorts, and the necklace has to gold bells or chain. For the shoes he has black boots.

Favorite phrase: Watashi wa hitori anata wa baka no mami ni! ( Leave me alone you idiots!)

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