The designation of his name:

Ufa - City on Russia, ne - sound, Yuki - Snow, teru - Shine

Fully: Shine sound of Ufa

Yukiteru is an ordinary teenager, fond of programming. Does not like when someone gossips about him, also does not like when someone tries to teach him. When he's angry, it's better not to talk to him, you will not be sinned. It can also hit the frying pan. His favorite language is Japanese. He himself comes from Russia from the Bashkir city of Ufa. He constantly grumbles, does not like veal tenderness, soap opera. If someone approaches him too close, he begins to be embarrassed, and then if he gets bored he starts to get angry and then run, where the eyes look! Do not run away - you'll get a frying pan over your head. His favorite phrase: I do not like being lied to! If they say lies, then they want to get a frying pan on the head. His phrase when he is evil: Do not come near me! Or wipe you to powder! His phrase when he is embarrassed: Stop it! Or I'll hit you with a frying pan! His weakness: hugs and if someone looks into his eyes.

Yukiteru will be updated once a year or a month. It will be fully supported on two platforms.