(Japanese: 床牀し音ユコ - やさしねゆこ - Yasashine Yuko)

床牀し音 (Yasashine; It means sound of kindness)

ユコ (Yuko; Helpful Child) 祐子 - Also written in Kanji.

TYPE: TUNEloid - (Combination of TUNE and UTAUloid)
MODEL: TX-01 - (TUNEloid X-01)

Yuu Yasashine (Male counterpart; Older brother)

Aiko Kikyuune (Friend; Favorite UTAU)

Nami Utaune (Idol; Favorite UTAU)

Eri Kamiaoi (Fellow Filipino UTAU;Friend)

Nana Macne (Favorite Macloid)

Koritama Shuchou (Fellow Filipino UTAU;Friend)

Ame Shirohi (Fellow Filipino UTAU)

Ryan Moriyama(Fellow Filipino UTAU)

AGE 17 GENRE Any kind (Any songs that fits her.) HOMEPAGE Phinkee UTAU
WEIGHT 140 lbs (64 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Bubblegum CREATOR

'Phinkee/O2VocaloidTouhou27'Phinkee Dee

HEIGHT 5'9" (175 cm) (Same height as Kikyuune Aiko.) VOICE SOURCE Phinkee/O2VocaloidTouhou27 PICTURE LINK LIST CONCEPT ART, DEVIANT ARTGOOGLE IMAGE
BIRTHDAY June 27, 1995 LIKES Chewing on bubblegum, Helping people, playing with children, playing childish games, using gadgets, listening to music, candies and sweets MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YouTube
RELEASE DATE April 25, 2012 DISLIKES Cockroaches(Katsaridaphobia), People bullying her, sour foods, bitter gourd(which means Ampalaya in tagalog) SIGNATURE SONG None
PERSONALITY: Yuko is kind and helpful to others. She doesn't like bullying especially when aimed at her and telling her false stories or lies. She's a childish girl and she also plays childish games sometimes... She also played with kids sometimes if the kids needed her. She has a phobia of cockroaches(Also known as Katsaridaphobia; she is afraid of cockroaches, even the creator does too). Every time she sees a cockroach, she will run and ask others to kill the cockroach.

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Brown

Headgear: None

Eye Color: Turquoise

Earphones: Pink earphones with note on its side.

Dress/Outfit: White t-shirt with note design on front,small black and pink vest,short skirt,black and pink boots

Nationality/Race: Filipino - Japanese

Voice Configuration

Yuko's voice supports both romaji and hiragana. Her voice is just in the right range. She can sing a little higher and a little lower. ACT1 voicebank is available for download.

ACT 1 voicebank Download the ACT1 voicebank.

ACT2 voicebankNow available for download!

VCV VB - Soon. Still currently OTOing.

For Appends, available soon. (Still currently working on them)

GUMMY APPEND - Whispery effect voicebank.

BLAZE APPEND - This append is louder and powerful.

FUTURE BANKS (CV VC Tagalog, CV VC English)will be available sooner in the future.

Usage Clause

In terms of use, kindly please credit Yuko/O2VocaloidTouhou27 so that she will know if you use her voicebank/s.

You are not allowed to redesign/recolor her or modify any part of her appearance in such a way that she is not recognizable as herself.

You may not pitch her without permission from the creator.

No fanarts are allowed themed at rated M/18+ nudity/porn style. No X rated Style.

Do not claim it as your UTAU voicebank or else I will take you down permanently.

If you downloaded/use her voice, please let me know. Please post it as a video response.

Copyrights, 2012. Phinkee