Gocha Gocha Uruse! UTAU Yumeko Fer English Lyrics02:39

Gocha Gocha Uruse! UTAU Yumeko Fer English Lyrics

Fer's cover of "Gocha Gocha Uruse!", uploaded by her creator.

Yumeko Preview

Fer's first image, as uploaded to deviantart under the name "UTAU Preview Picture".

Yumeko Fer, "Fer" being her first name, and "Yumeko" last. The author tried to make the UTAU resemble herself, removing details she disliked of herself. The neck faintly reads "100", and CatsAreFer has stated it is a detail that can be ignored and not included in any artwork. It is supposed to be some kind of "joke", or the creator messing around with herself, as it was stated on the first revelation of Fer: "The mark on the neck says "100", which could be the typical number that most UTAU users add on their creation for it to resemble a Vocaloid, but for me, it is a symbol that means it is just another voicebank between hundreds of them."

About & Download

Yumeko Fer is the first UTAU created by CatsAreFer {or FerIsCats/IchigiSour}. It is a young female UTAU, and it speaks only Japanese so far.

To download Fer's voicebank, you can visit her creators deviantart, here:

The first song to be uploaded with her voicebank was on CatsAreFer's main channel, featuring a small animated video to accompany the song "Life Reset Button". The video is found below.

Jinsei Reset Button Life Reset Button UTAU COVER- Yumeko Fer03:54

Jinsei Reset Button Life Reset Button UTAU COVER- Yumeko Fer

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