Yuren Akakuro

赤黒湯人 - あかくろ ゆれん
湯人/ゆれん (Yuren: has no specific meaning)
赤黒/あかくろ (Akakuro: Aka, meaning ‘red’ and Kuro, meaning ‘black’ put together.
Reiha Akakuro (Big sister)
Yurai Akakuro (Genderbend; little sister)
Reisuke Akakuro (Big brother)
WEIGHT 103 lbs (47 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Chocolate Box CREATOR DessertTaiga
HEIGHT 5’1” (155 cm) VOICE SOURCE DessertTaiga's brother PICTURE LINK LIST N/A
BIRTHDAY April 3, 2003 LIKES Chocolates, Singing, Sports and Video Games, His siblings MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE March 15, 2017 (Date when full VB is released) DISLIKES Air freshener odors, Annoying people, People who can’t shut up, Being compared to someone, People who eat his food SIGNATURE SONG Unknown
ADDITIONAL INFO: Yuren is a total “that’s none of my business” guy. Cold, blunt, reserved, quiet, and has the tendency to swear even at a young age; those words describe him the best. He likes quietness very much and will act harsh towards noisy people; steal his food and he will hit you with his sister's baseball bat, in short, he is a harsh person. However, in spite of this, he actually does care for others, and is very loyal to his master, family and friends. Yuren can be nice, however, he’s just used to his usual behavior. Also, give him some chocolates and your are his instant friend (it's that easy). As a friend, he will still act harsh, but a lot less than before. While serious and a jerk on the outside, inside, he jokes around being a "regendary idiot who dies when he's killed" or other things like that.

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Black
Headgear: Red/Black Headphones (seldom worn)
Eye Color: Red (originally Black)
Clothing: New Reference Sheet
Nationality/Race: Filipino-Japanese

Voicebank Information/Distribution

Since May 20, 2017, his VB is no longer available and will be private.


  • Yuren has a lot of scars in his body. They actually mark him being the successor as the new "Ishtar" once Reiha dies. When "Ishtar" does transfer to Yuren, he will become insane, and unlike Reiha who only goes insane when her ahoge is detached, HE IS PERMANENTLY INSANE. That is why Reiha must keep herself alive and well; to keep her brother sane and okay.
  • The scars are actually written in Ancient Greek, reading: "This boy will be my successor, and he must be kept safe. Hurt him greatly, and you shall be punished."
  • His scars aren't visible, though. They do show up when Reiha's insane, and if Ishtar's controlling him.
  • He knows there is something wrong with his sister. However, he doesn't know he's connected to Ishtar also.
  • Whenever Reiha falls asleep because of awakening Ishtar and putting her ahoge back again, Yuren goes total psycho. It's because whenever Ishtar is awakened, his scars will hurt, meaning Ishtar is also controlling Yuren at will. When Reiha falls asleep, Ishtar controls Yuren, but only for a temporary time. (See above.)
  • Him joking around being a "regendary idiot who dies when he's killed" is a reference to two Nasuverse memes, "REGEND OF THE SAMURAI" and "People die if they are killed".

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