(Japanese: 春夏夕暮れ - しゅんかゆうぐれ - Shunka Yuugure)
春夏 (Shunka; Spring Summer) - 春夏 is part of four Kanji's meaning "Spring Summer Autumn Winter"
夕暮れ (Yuugure; Dusk) - She likes the evenings.
TYPE: HEARTloid - (UTAUloids made by HeartlessIvy)
MODEL: 02 - (She is the second HEARTloid, the number can be found under her left eye.)
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE C3-C5 (Best to be heard on C4.) RELATED CHARACTERS

Eri Utaune (Friends)

Yoake Shunka (Sister)

AGE 16 GENRE Yuugure can sing a wide range of songs, also faster songs. HOMEPAGE HEARTloid Project
WEIGHT 126 lbs (57 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Mirror (She likes staring in her mirror all day.) CREATOR HeartlessIvy
HEIGHT 5'10" feet (178 cm) VOICE SOURCE


BIRTHDAY November 11, 1994 LIKES Mirrors, making random noises, studying. MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE September 5, 2010 DISLIKES Screaming people, death metal, hardcore, and any other loud music. (She is scared of loud sounds.) SIGNATURE SONG Melt(It's a soft and beautiful song, which suits her character.)
PERSONALITY: She is a quiet person, and very gentle. She is quite the opposite of Eri, but they are nonetheless best friends. She loves staying up late and watching the sun set.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Dark brown with some crimson highlights.
Headgear: A small mirror that looks like a gem
Eye color: She has dark red eyes.
Earphones: She sometimes wears iPod earphones.
Dress: A short, dark grey jacket with long sleeves, long shirt (olive/red coloured) with a red heart on it, and dark grey, baggy trousers.
Nationality/Race: She's from the Netherlands (and proud of it!)


Yuugure's ACT 1 has been released! Feel free to download her. Also, if you find any missing sounds, or problems, feel free to contact me.

She can be downloaded here: MediaFire

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