Zero Koii (Koii Zero)

Good Child Zero
TYPE: Medialoid (Android)
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE Zero Koii's range is not defined RELATED
AGE 20 GENRE Not defined HOMEPAGE Unknown
WEIGHT 220lbs or 99kg when activated, 440lbs or 199 kg when deactivated CHARACTER ITEM Drumsticks CREATOR SoganaXSaeki
HEIGHT 6 foot 1 or 183 cm VOICE SOURCE Ross Reid PICTURE LINK LIST This is an old reference, but it's still accurate, and i don't hae many references for him yet:
BIRTHDAY July 14th LIKES Solitude, Video Games, Women and Playing the Drums MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE August 8th, 2015 DISLIKES Crying (It makes him uncomfortable because he doesn't know what to do when people cry, because h can't physically do it himself), Pointless death, poor decision Making. SIGNATURE SONG Thousand Year Solo :
ADDITIONAL INFO: Zero is part of a series of UTAUs called "Medialoids" which also include:

Kasumi Mamiko:

Honoka Mamiko (who is a Work in Progress)

Kiko Anzen:

And Enmu Rippa (Who is also a Work In Progress)

English is Zero's native language, his voicebank is in Japanese because there are more Japanese Songs, but his Japanese pronunciation is a bit off.

Current Voicebank Download:

Zero Also has a Gender Bend named Ito Koii, To get her voice use the flags g-18BRE50

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