New utau zero monta by nekorosy-d51xp33

Basic Information====

Name: Zero Monta

Age: 20

Character Item: Hand Gun

Favorite Food: Sweet Dumplings

Voicebank: g+23bre+6 onto Neropoid

Relationships: Currently engaged/inlove with Sasuke Tsuchihane, a pitchbend of Mira Tsutsuma; Sort of a "big brother" to the MONTAloids (Created by NekoRosy/Rosalinamonta of deviantart/youtube)

Personality: He is stubborn and generally knows what he's doing, is very loving to Sasuke and extremely protective of him. Has a sturdy personality and has a nice sense of humor. He had a bit of a troubling past, but ignores it and enjoys his life. His personality can be based off of this for the most part but can be changed a bit to fit songs.


He wears a plain white t-shirt with two purple straps going across his chest with a softly glowing blue diamond where they meet. He has two dark gray to black fingerless gloves on both of his hands, and a small microphone on the right side. His pants are plain gray jeans, with piano keys over his knees. He has two plain white shoes with dark gray squares over the tongue of the shoe. He is generally pale, has pale violet eyes and silver, slightly messy hair which he keeps at a basic length.

Songs and Bank Information

His voice is generally derived from any gender glag (g+ -- ) 20 or higher with an optional breath flag (bre+6). He voice can be genderbended from Neropoid's ACT2, and probably any bank from then on. Using her ACT1 is highly avoided. He may get his own bank later on, but is not planned any time soon.

Some samples of his voice:

Cantarella ft. Aimisuki Hisui

Rolling Girl

I'll Give Up Singing

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