my UTAUloid from right--Chou Nanako,Kodomone ryo,Futa Koe,Rina Mariko and Soraki

This is Zi-UTAUmashouloids's group it born since today, 07 March 2012.This group of Zi-UTAUmashouloids created by ikahueki also who make this UTAUloids voicebank but some of UTAUloids from this page maybe not from ikahueki's voice,LOL .

The first UTAUloid was entry is Chou Nanako.Nanko dont have type then,it be UTAULOID type and she would be Zi-UTAUmashouloids type

this is UTAUloid that group have

Chou Nanako 蝶ななこ

Chou Nanako 2012 headcon
Soraki そら樹 Soraki headshot 1
Kodomone Ryo 子供音良 Kodomone Ryo icon 2
Futa Koe 蓋コエ Futa Koe icon
Hana Mariko はな真理子
Hana headcon

Hana Mariko Headcon

Chou Natsune 蝶夏音
Natsune icon

Chou Natsune Headcon

The upcoming UtAUloid

Upcoming Utauloid
Rina Mariko
Rina Mariko half

Rina Mariko half pic

Ouji Todokune
Ouji todokune half

Ouji Todokune half

Yuki Nishimura
Yuki Nishimura half

Yuki Nishimura

Certified true and correct from Ika ZIQAHloid's creator, ikahueki,THE ONLY PERSON WHO TAKE CHARGE FOR THIS PAGE. The contents of this page are subject to change without prior notice.

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