ZUTE CHINAMI (ちなみ ズテ)

Zute Chinami (or Chinami Zute) is a VKLOID designed and voiced by catgirl223 with the assistance of vkunicorn. Her voicebank may be released in the future.

Info ちなみ ズテ
Name Interpretation

Chinami= honor

Zute= Zute (lol XD)

Gender Female
Language Japanese
Age 18
Voicer's Age 13
Character Item N/A
Genre Anything not too girly or cutesy
Contact her creator at

Supplemental Information

Hair: Black with red streaks. About ankle length.

Headgear: Red bow or red headphones

Eye Color: Red

Dress: A lace up black tube top with red trim, with a matching miniskirt.

Nationality/Race: American /Japanese

Model: VKLOID10

6th senses/Special abilities: It's a seeecreeeeet

Catchphrase: N/A

Personality: Very dark and scary, misunderstood by strangers. Her best friends know that she is a great person who loves to have fun. She has a very spunky taste in fashion.

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